Porsche 911 Turbo

vehicle description

I was at the NEC Classic Car Show this November & a Turbo Cab was for sale (then sold) at £120,000 that didn't even come close to the quality of mine, it probably needed £30k on it to get the same condition) & was in a drab colour.  I saw an older one at £175,000 that was mint, but again drab colour at £175,000.  This is in my opinion is very reasonably priced.  I will negotiate a little & consider a PX.
I recently had undertaken an approximately £30,000 sympathetic restoration of the engine bay, engine, suspension, underside, running gear etc.  The car prior to this was pretty mint anyway, but now it really is stunning.  The engine had already been re-built  at a cost of £6,987.47 in September 2014 at 133,754 miles, so it has hardly done any miles since & is barely run in.
At the same time re-trimming works was undertaken.


My recent work entailed removing completely all the engine, running gear, suspension etc etc & stripping the entire underside of the vehicle down to bare metal, including all chassis & wheel arches & re-painting.  The suspension, sub-frame etc while removed, was painstakingly restored piece by piece over 5 months.  Cosmetic restoration to any scuffed paintwork.  Fully refurbishing the wheels.

Yes I know there are some for sale at £75,000 - £100,000, but I suggest you go & look at them, then look at mine.  Mine is one of the top condition ones & wouldn't look out of place at a specialist Porsche dealer at £120,000 - £175,000, yet it is priced at the lower end.  So please get of your bums & come & view this beautiful car.

 The car is now in pretty much show condition as I hope the pictures show.  It has covered just 134,000 miles from new with a very comprehensive history file.
The car is stored in Bolton & viewing is welcomed & highly recommended.  PX considered at sensible price.  I can also recommend a finance company Close Brothers who I have a contact with, who would finance the purchase up to 70%.